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Monoliths of Terravia

Motaen_Concept 1 Moltaen_Concept 2 HQ Concept 2
Story Illustration Lydia Story Illustration Bryson Lighthouse Concept 01
Lighthouse Concept 2 SeanwinConcept MountainSplitinHalf
Kaltas Sketch 01 TifferooSketch TifferooTStance

Pollinate Worlds

Pollinate Menue Background
Game Gollider is an indepented video game development company. Recently I have been  working as a Concept Artist for their curent project "Monoliths of Terravia".
Peter Porcupine One Quill
Peter Porcupine One Quill Cover
Cyote on hillside Cyote on damn Peter and baby Bear
Peter and "Friends" What have I done?! Pamela makes fun
Relp Buddy Comes Back Peter and Buddy
Good Bye
This is a small selection of my favorite illustrations from the children’s book "Peter Porcupine One Quill" by Ralph Day and myself.
Now available at Amazon
Greeting Cards
AlienInShip Work Monster Congraduations Monster
Pirate Monster Witch Theater
appel Jellyfish Love Space Monkey
White Flower Too Meany Presents Missing Cookies
       These cards and more can be purchased  here.
 Platypi INC. Internship
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